Trevino International was founded in March of 1992 by Alex R Trevino (Licensed US Customs Broker) in the port of Hidalgo, TX. We specialize in the importation of perishable goods. Our second office was established in Brownsville, TX in 1995 and specializes in the importation of a variety of products which include fish and seafood, auto parts, fertilizers, steel coils, fruits and vegetables, to name a few. We have more than 20 years of experience and background as a licensed US Customhouse Brokerage. Our experience allows us to ensure compliance pertaining to the importation and exportation of different kind of merchandises:

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Because of our commitment & dedication, Trevino International has developed a lifetime business relationship with our clients. At Trevino International, we believe that experience and personal attention is a vital part to succeed in the industry. Our team at Trevino International is formed of experienced personnel and is committed to you and your company’s success.

Trevino International, Inc.


US Customhouse Broker

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District of Laredo- Port of Pharr, Progreso, Brownsville, Rio Grande